Monday, February 25, 2013


In 5 days I will be lacing up and toeing the line for the Hawkeye 50k.  Even though I have failed to run a few "long" runs, I've still been pushing myself fairly hard the last week or two.  I'm beginning to feel those affects and a few of my recent runs have been really, REALLY tough!  Which, I'm not arguing or complaining.  Tough is good.  Pain (the good kind) is good.  I'm not the athlete I am by constantly taking it easy or backing down from what I know I need.  However, there is a time for rest and this week is it.

Even though I know how much my body needs this rest, it's really hard for me to do.  I'm standing firm with myself and may even need to be a bully to keep me from over doing it.  Of course, my idea of rest, is not the norm.  I am still keeping active, I am still running.  I ran my usual 2 miles today, but cut the extras (biking, Spartacus, swimming).  The rest of the week I plan to still run 4 miles, but keep the tempo slow and easy.  I will give myself a little break from the weather and stick to the much easier (for me) option of the treadmill.  My body already has the training it needs for the hills, trail, weather and tempature I will race in.  I just need to keep moving and get ready.

I've never been one to follow a training plan.  I just run.  In my head I come up with a plan, a strategy of sorts.  But it's really flexible and I change it around all the time.  I will stand firm in "my rest" this week, hoping....planning that on Saturday I will be ready to bust out of this slow down and be ready to bring it on 100% for my 50k.

Tomorrow I will bring you more of a breakdown of my thoughts, plans, strategy, etc. for the Hawkeye 50k. For now, it's time to go rest.