Thursday, February 21, 2013

TTT: snow, cold, red

~Snowstorm:  We have a "big" winter storm moving in.  We've been hearing about it for the last 10 days or so.  I'm to the point where I'm like: just snow already.  Come on!  Depending on what radio/tv channel and or website you look at we are getting anywhere from 1" - 8"  How's that for a I'm not sure I'm just going to guess with wide numbers so it should fall in there somewhere and I'll be good.  No matter what I'm good to go.  I went to the store yesterday to stock up on essentials like milk, bread, eggs, etc.  I also went to the library and checked out 9 movies.  For good measure I'm about to head to the movie store for more movies and also the grocery store for some baking extras.  If we get what is expected, I'm good to go and I'll be baking and watching movies all day tomorrow.  Of course a run will be planned and executed, but it will likely have to wait until later in the afternoon.

~Brrrrr: When I ran this morning it was 14 degrees with no wind, so it felt like 14 degrees.  After running in -14 windchill with 18 mpr winds on Tuesday this sounded heavenly.  Yesterday during my run, which was late afternoon, it was 25 degrees.  That felt really nice too!  Even though 14 sounds really nice I slacked a little on layering.  I did have 2 1/2 layers on my legs, but should have gone for another full layer.  Up top I had 3 layers and that was good, but one of those was a breath thermo jacket from Mizuno, so that helped a lot.  The temperature can be so subjective and overall I was ok on my run.  It was a nice reminder that I should not get lazy on my preparation for the cold temps.  There is no hard rule about what to wear when and each person is different.  For me 14 is still cold and I need to remember that extra layer.

~Go Red:  I never got a chance to post these pictures and since I need a third item to round things out for today I will post it now:

A few weeks ago I heard about a last minute Red Dress run.  It was an unofficial loosely organized run that drew a small crowd, but was a lot of fun.  I was just coming off being sick and wasn't sure if I would actually go.  But I can't resist a run, with people, in a "costume/get up" that was FREE!  About 50 people showed up in all sorts of red dresses,  The men were particularly wonderful looking!  My closet is full of all sorts of red items, including many dresses (Hint: red is my favorite color) so this was real easy to do.  The total time it took me from leaving my driveway to pulling back in was 25 minutes.  I don't know how far we ran, it was just down Main St. with a police escort.  When we finished they had hot cocoa and free tshirts to give away.  It would be fun to see this become a bigger event.  For the first time though this small gathering was very fun and entertaining.


  1. Cute red dress! What a good idea for a race...maybe you should be the race director ;)

  2. That looks like a really fun race! I agree with Cecilia about you being the race director. I bet you would have a huge turnout!

  3. Thanks for the idea, but no. I don't doubt that I would be awesome at being a race director, but i have organized events before and, well let's just! :) Ha ha...they are a lot of work!!!! Ok, but now that my wheels are rolling in my head I'm thinking of some fun ideas! DON'T TEMPT ME! Seriously, I'm just not sure this is the right time in my life to be heading up things. Which is why I'd be wise to say no. I appreciate your support though :)