Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snowday & Pre Hawkeye 50k insights

I've been used to taking Wednesday's off of blogging since my camera is still without it's cord.  Yesterday threw me for a loop though.  I thought it was going to be yet another day of complete weather prediction fail.  Another winter storm was to hit overnight, but when I woke up not one flake had dropped from the sky.  I carried on with my usual it's a school day mindset.  Much to my shock while running on the treadmill  I saw my school district cancelled.  Understand, we "never" cancel.  Everyone else around us will be closed, but there we are hauling our kids to school.  Anyway, after I reacted (with a literal out loud "WHAT?!?!") I looked around in a weird Twilight Zone feeling wondering if I will still dreaming.  No snow = school cancelled.  Ummmm.....ok.  It all turned out good when the storm did hit a little after 7 a.m.  Within 5 minutes I went from having a 1 mile visibility out of the window to not being able to see across the street.  We got slammed!!

I was all geared up for a day of relaxing since I had plenty of time to veg, watch tv, blog, etc.  Unexpectantly, we lost power in the afternoon.  Not just the occasional flicker, but nothing, nada, zip for over 3 hours.  To pass the time we packed up and went to a friends house to hang out.  It all just threw my whole day for a loop and my blog was left un-touched.  I actually spent very little time on the computer.  That's not a bad thing.

ANYWAY.....what I was planning to blog about yesterday.....

This is very unlike me, but I am nervous as heck about running the Hawkeye 50k this Saturday.  Seriously, my heart starts racing, I get all queasy and begin to freaked out when I think about it.  I keep having to just stop and breeeeeeath!

We all know, I got this, right?  RIGHT?!?!?!?!  I know, you are all going to smile, slap me on the back (or give me a hug, I'm a hugger, I don't mind) and tell me how awesome & tough I am and how I can do this!  Deep down, I know you are all right.  That's what makes it so easy to calm down and carry on.  I've never given thought to backing down from this race.  I don't think I ever backed down from any race.  I will follow through and I will finish.

It's not the distance that bothers me.  Pssssh, I can run 31 miles in my sleep.  Ok, maybe not, but I've run this distance (plus more) on more than one occasion.  Big whoopty doo, 31 miles.  However when I signed up for this race I was thinking March would give me this kind of scenery:

(Actual pictures from the race course)

A dreary, blah, post winter, yet not quite spring trail run.  Yes, I knew that I was going to have to cross a spillway (twice).  That's didn't bother me, a little water won't hurt.  I was never counting on this:

Yes, those are the same pictures.  The first set taken in early February.  The second set taken last weekend.  Gulp!  Wh-....I mean ho-....crap, there I go again.  Heart racing.....FRREAKING OUT!!!!!  <insert heavy panicked breathing!>

Ok, ok, ok, ok.....breeeeeeeeeath.  I got this!  I'm awesome!  I'm tough!  I can do this!

So, I've never raced with several of inches of snow on the ground.  I've never raced anything that included a water crossing.  Last reported the spillway was at least ankle deep.  I have to cross it twice!!

I'm really anxious to just get this over with.  Running wise, I'm ready.  Bring it on!  31 miles ain't got nothin' on me!  (hold it together you grammer nazis, I wrote it that way on purpose)  The other conditions have me worried and nervous.  Like, a lot.  Like, I want to curl up in a ball, cry and sleep until next week when it's all over.  For now it's a moment by moment process to carry on and get ready for the race.  I know way deep down, I will be ok.  I might even still go and kick some butt!  I am pretty awesome...come on, you never doubted that did you.  But I am still human.  And flawed.  It's all a lovely combination that makes life wonderful and interesting.  

More on this race prep and breakdown tomorrow!  Happy hump day people!

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