Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Findings

I'm under my usual self imposed stress of getting ready for vacation.  As of now, I have NOTHING packed.  I DO have a fairly clean house and ALL of the laundry done.  I just need to throw it in bags & get going.  I need to get this post done in wham, bam, thank you m'am style and get this show on the road.

This week I found 2 things while out running, or well, technically biking to/from a run with one of them.  The spoon I found completely flattened in the middle of the road a few blocks from my house.  If by chance I was going to get attacked that day I was PREPARED to spoon my offender to death.  (I'm teasing, you know.  I am aware of the tragedies that are happening to women while they are running.  There has been another well publicized one this week.  It breaks my heart, it really does!)  Anyway you never know when a spoon might come in handy, but this one was so flat that I threw it in the trash after I took it's picture.

While biking to my Wednesday group run I saw an article of cloth in the middle of Henderson St.  I could see a spot of blue on the crumpled heap and was pretty sure I knew what it was.  I was in a rush to get to my run on time so I passed it by for the time being.  Coming back from my run I passed by the item again and once it was retrieved I knew I was right the first time.  It was a towel from our local YMCA.  I brought it home to wash it & return it to the Y.  It can accompany the stack of towels that I already have that manage to make their way home in my own gym bag.  Oops : )

My last two items I found while out at some garage sales this morning.  I love old vintage glasses.  Ones with characters on them.  I have a whole kitchen cabinet full of them.  Although lately with my kids breaking a glass here and a glass there my collection is getting small again. So I've been keeping my eye out for them.  I won't pay a lot of money for them, as some do try and capitalize on their vintage-ness.  I came across 3 today that were each less than a dollar.  Score!  And they were ones I did not already own.  The Porky & Petunia Pig ones are part of a Pepsi collection and were dated 1973 & 1976.  That dates to when I was being born so you may or may not consider that "old".  The Garfield cup is from a McDonald's series and dated 1980.

Ok, time to get down to business with this packing for vacation.  I mentioned it in my vlog on Wednesday, but I will be in Clear Lake, IA while attending a church family camp at IRBC.  I  L~O~V~E that place with a passion.  This will be my 24th summer up there, the last 11 going as a family to week 1 of 5 that they offer to families.  I will do some vlog posts for you guys while I am there, but won't be able to post.  There is no wifi, no tvs, no computers (well, we can take our own, but we won't), etc.  Just family, friends and a WHOLE LOTTA JESUS!  AND it's in IOWA....could it be more heavenly?!?!?!? (The answer is no).  Let me leave you with a view from the dock where I'll be.

Have a great week everyone!

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