Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Findings & a Virtual Race

I didn't post last week about my find from that week so I combined it with this weeks find.  Last week I was running down Carl Sandburg Dr., as I often do to loop back to the Y and I saw a pair of flip flops.  It's not uncommon to find one shoe while out running, but usually not a complete pair.  It was quite obvious that to begin with these were very cheap flip flops.  They reminded me of the shower shoes that we wore in the Army.  Cheap & basic. 

Having recently battled plantar fasciitis I knew these shoes were a big no - no.  Which is not fair, because I'm very guilty of being a flip flop lover.  Very!  I wouldn't mind so much if my pf would flare up and give me problems all winter long when it's normal for me to wear strong supporting shoes.  But during the summer....come ooooooon!  So cheap, flip floppy shoes have become a past thing for me (make no mistake I'm still a huge sandal person, I just have to stick to good, sturdy, supportive ones).  Upon inspection of these particular shoes I could see how worn and "bad" these shoes were for any person.  No wonder the person threw them away. 

My second treasure I found yesterday was a bank debit/credit card.  Complete, intact with signature on the back card.  I have no clue if it's valid or not.  I see it's not expired.  Maybe it was stolen and someone ditched it.  Maybe she lost it.  I'm going to drop it in the mail and send it to the bank.  If anything for peace of mind that someone doesn't have the card in their possession.


I had stopped talking about it, but today/tomorrow was suppose to be my Back Yard 100 miler.  In light of my problems with pf and taking the whole month of May off I  had to tuck this dream away FOR NOW!  It still floats in my mind and I want to just start running NOW and go and go and go and go.  It's really just a personal goal & dream that I want to do this.  It will happen, I promise.

In the mean time I'm working on getting a good base built up for Howl at the Moon, my 8 hour ultra in August.  I also have a little streak going on.  Run everyday for at least 1 mile.  I know Runner's World has one going on from Memorial Day to July 4th.  I'm hoping to extend mine from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  After that, we'll might just keep going.  To help keep from getting the training blues and things turning mundane I have signed up to do a virtual 5/10k Race.  If you don't know what that means, you sign up on the great blog and agree to run/race a 5 or 10k or both between the dates of June 18 - 25.  You can actually compete in a race (which I plan to do the Railroad Days 5k on June 23) or make up your own time & place (which I plan to do for a 10k).  You can run against yourself or you can run against other people.  The idea is to get you out there to RUUUUUUN!  Now there's an idea! : )  Speaking of which, I need to go do myself.  One mile today.  I'm running on little sleep AGAIN so I'm not feeling over ambitious.  (It was so worth it to be out until to 2 a.m. with a gf at Steak 'n Shake though)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Don't wear cheap, basic flip flops.  Go make sure your bank debit/card is not missing.  And go sign up for this virtual 5/10k Run.


  1. Bizarre coincidence, but I found a MasterCard debit card today, also not expired. I was gonna go shopping, but you've guilted me into the proper course of action.

  2. Good luck on your steak, I was doing the Runner's World streak but got too sick to run :( Thanks for participating in the virtual run!