Monday, June 18, 2012

I Run This Town & Summer Virtual Run

I've been busy running the streets of Galesburg.  It has given me a lot of motivation to get out and get it done.  It has also given me more miles than I was expecting.  Not complaining there, I like to see the miles rack up.  More than once I have set out on a run with a particular neighborhood or streets to get done and I just run them.  I don't question how far it will be or how long it will take me.  I just run.

Here is a picture of the map I have posted in my dining room.  I should have gotten a complete before shot, but got busy marking things off right away.  How it looks today is not what is shown here either.  I keep adding more red (meaning completed).  I will give an updated shot in a couple of weeks since I will be on vacation next week.

In the upper left corner I am keeping track of the dates & miles.  According to wikipedia  Galesburg is 17 square miles.  I don't know what that means in terms of actual miles of streets.  Even if I knew that number it doesn't reflect what it would take to run each street.  Especially since some streets I have to run down & back.  Others I can connect together easily and some I have to loop around to make it connect.  It will interesting to see what the grand total of miles is once I am done.

 Same map, just a closer shot.

Not every run will help me in my quest to Run this Town.  Sometimes I run a route I've already ran.  Mostly so I can get a run in for the day.  Other times, like today, I had something else to accomplish and it took me away from Galesburg all together.

I set out to run Running, Loving, Living's Summer Virtual Run.  She gave the option of a 5k or 10k.  Since I am racing the Galesburg Railroad Days 5k this upcoming Saturday, I will use that for my 5k entry. (You don't have to run both a 5 or 10k, I'm just a super over achiever, crazy running person).  This morning I set out to run a 10k.  Just for fun, you know.  For super extra kicks I decided to also bike to my running spot.  It's a place way out (about 7 miles) in the country & it includes a lot of hills.  It is by far one of my most favorite running spots!!  I don't get out there nearly enough.  Anyway, I ran my 10k with a time of 58.24.  Not too shabby.  The hills were a little brutal at times and since I didn't get out there until almost 9 a.m. the sun was already H.O.T!!!!  The bike ride back into town was even more brutal.  Especially since someone thought it would be great to turn on a fan (wind) at a full blown speed.  Ugh!  I was hot & tired and I felt like I was biking through wet cement.

Once I finally made it home I collapsed in the front yard & had the kids take my picture with my race bib.  The bike had to be included since it was a vital part of getting me to and from said run.

Then I had the fun idea to jump in my neighbor's pool.  I didn't even bother changing into a swimsuit.  I just jumped in fully clothed in my running outfit.  I had my 6 year old handling my ipod & didn't trust him to stand closer to get a good picture.  But you get the idea!

A good dip in the pool was the perfect ending to this Summer Virtual Run.

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