Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes - Easy

My run/workout yesterday left me completely fried.  The heat really sucked the energy out of me.  Plus at the time I didn't have enough hydration & fuel to keep me topped off.  I did ok with my bottles of water, but I needed more.  Once I came home, I dipped in the pool and properly fueled my body to replace all that I took out.  After I showered, instead of getting dressed I changed back into my jammies and lounged around all day.  I even took a good solid nap.  I was exhausted.

It was a rare day with nothing on my agenda.  Nothing is just about all I did.  I did kick into gear late in the afternoon to cook supper, clean house & the such that I usually do in the day.  When I woke up this a.m. I had my usual battle of wanting to get my run done early vs. going back for a few more zzzz's and getting it done this afternoon.  The thought of the blasted heat got me going & out the door sooner rather than later.  I could still feel the effects from yesterday so I kept it simple and slow and easy.  2 miles to cover a few streets still left in my neighborhood.

Here are the few tunes I listened to while I ran:
Cartoon Song - Chris Rice
Angel (Metro Mix) - Lionel Richie
Pink Cadillac - Natalie Cole
The Way I Was Made - Chris Tomlin

I know I need to get used to the hot temps, this is key to training for Howl at the Moon in August.  It's a tough thing to balance.  I hope that by taking it easy today I can get back on track for a good week and a good solid 5k race on Saturday.

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  1. Love Chris Rice's "Cartoon Song," except for leaving out Beavis and "that other guy." Not very Christian, Chris. :)