Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Findings: Feeling Naked

My title doesn't have anything to do with what I found.  I set out for a run this a.m. & forgot my Bondi Band.  Gah!  I hate when that happens.  I felt so naked my whole run.  And sweat kept dripping in my eyes. It was awful.  Although I still managed to run 6, almost 7 miles.  I love my BB, but it won't keep me from my run.  I need to stash a few (I do have a few to spare) in the van so if I get away from the house I have that as a back up.

Anyway.  Found me some treasures this week.  See picture below & then I will explain.

I was recently cleaning out my garage & came across all the other bottles I have collected on my runs.  I had realized that it had been a long time since I had found one worth picking up. So I was excited to find this big ole bottle along N. Lake Storey Road.  There was even a swig or two left in it.  Likely back wash, I guess, but still full of liquor smell as I dumped it out.

The golf ball I found at the very end of my run.  I was running across a field to get to where I had not so smartly placed my water bottle.  When I swooped down to pick up the ball my eyes got drowned in sweat from NOT wearing my Bondi Band.  I had to stop & walk and try to get the extremely salty sweat out of my eyes without making it worse.

The cards I found earlier in the week along Main St. as I turned onto Edwards Ave.    I saw the 3 Skip Bo card before I even was upon it.  I was able to run by it, swoop down and snatch it without even stopping.  Score a find for my blog.  I took a few more steps and saw two more cards, but mentally said one is enough.  I wasn't going to pick up a whole deck if that's what I was going to find.  A few more steps and I said out loud "oh, that what I really just saw?!?!?"  My mind had this mini nano second argument.  Just keep going.  Not go back and see if that IS really what you saw.  The later won and I flipped back to look at the other two Skip Bo cards I had passed.  Yep, there laying side by side were the cards numbered 4 & 8.  That really only means something to me, but I'll share.  48 is my LUCKY NUMBER!  Not that I really believe in luck.  So I guess I should say it's my FAVORITE number.  It has been for probably almost 25 years.  The original reason it was my favorite doesn't even exist anymore, but it has stuck.  I have a lot of favorites like that.  I got stuck on it for one reason, but even after that no longer mattered, it was still a favorite.  Part of the loyalty that comes with who I am. 

Did you find any treasures while you were out running?

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  1. "Dumped it out." Nice euphemism for chugalugging. I have yet to down my Budweiser, full and unopened, found Tuesday. Soon, though. Yes, stash some Bondis where you'll always have a backup.