Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I am going on a retreat this weekend because I serve on the leadership team for Mom2Mom.  We are heading out to the fabulous home of Mrs. Mari-nanna (that's what we call her) on Little Swan Lake.  I will be gone less than 24 hours, but will without a doubt have a great time.  Mari-nanna is THE BEST cooker ever in all the world!  She will make and serve more unbelievably delicious food than we should consume within a week.  Will I hold back?  Keep calorie count in mind?  Make good wise choices?  Absolutely NOT!  I should just start fasting now so that maybe I don't feel so guilty when I stuff myself like there is no tomorrow.  Ahhhh, we only live once, ya know.  And I only go on this retreat once a year.  So I will enjoy each and every bite while I am there : )

2.  Tonight is my book club.  We call ourselves the Lit Wits  We formed about a year ago.  Just a bunch of women, who TRY and read a chosen book, then meet once a month for a "formal" gathering.  We have found that we only talk about the book 5% of the time, if even that.  The rest of the time we are talking, hanging out & having fun.  We have some VERY interesting conversation.  This has helped me broaden my horizons with reading material.  I really like to read, I'm just bad at taking time to sit down and do it.  If I have to choose between exercise/running (or sometimes house work) or to sit and read, I'm likely to pick the first.  I'm a on to move type of person.  Book club helps me get at least one book read a month.  Since I am hosting this month I got to pick out the book.  We read Before I go to Sleep.  It's an excellent read.

3.  My schedule has been very blank lately.  I like this.  Even with "nothing" to do, I still have PLENTY to do.  I try to embrace these days as much as I can.  I know that there has been and will be days where I have so much going on my head is spinning.  Sometimes it bothers me that I don't have girlfriends calling me up and scheduling time with me.  I call them.  I try to get things planned from time to time.  It wears on me that things can feel one sided.  I used to really put myself out there and that got me nothing but a bunch of hurt.  So I stopped and became more reserved.  Since no one really ever seeks me out I just stay in my little world more than I want to or feel I should.

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