Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th on the 5th

I should have blogged yesterday.  I knew exactly what I wanted to post.  I just never sat down at the computer to get it done.  I know this sounds totally bizarre and crazy, but I haven't had much of a desire to be on the computer.  Oh, I like my ipod for checking email and fb, but it keeps me at just that....a check.  Not oops, there goes an hour and I still have things to get done.  I had to "force" myself on here today and am hoping the motivation to get it done & off here will help me to be quick.

Let's just ignore what the time stamp will say and pretend it's Wednesday, July 4th!

Today I raced in the Galva 4th of July Freedom Run.  There are several race options in our area for this holiday, but we always choose this one because it is the town where my husband works.  It is also a smaller town.  Don't let that fool you though because it draws a good crowd and fast runners.  The top male runner posted a 16 minute time and the lead lady a sub 20.  The idea of a smaller town means a less crowd and easier chance to snag an overall award do not apply to this race.  With the ever pressing heat I gave up all chance at being top female or even having a good run.

In fact, I knew from the get go that this would be a crappy run.  This has been something that I just can't shake.  My runs on vacation were only deemed great & awesome because of where I was and who I ran with.  The running itself, which is always great even when it's bad, has been bad every single day....all....the....time for over 2 weeks now.  I'm not complaining....just noting.  The only thing I can think of is to blame the heat.  Once the race got underway my legs went into auto mode, but I had no umph and no desire to actually push myself and run hard.    I still managed to finish in under 22 minutes (I told you auto mode), but not by much and was still able to snag 2nd in my age group.  Yay!  Another trophy to sit in the basement ; )

Last Wednesday on vacation I got up extra early so I could watch the sun rise.  It was beautiful and ah-may-haz-ing!  I made this vlog post before heading out for an 8 mile run.

Later in the day they had a splash down contest.  They have this every year, but I have never participated.  The temps were soaring into the 90's and it seemed like a good day to jump in the pool and have some extra fun!  I'm not one to shy away from dressing up to have a good time.  So it wasn't an option to participate in just my swim suit.  Nope, I had to make my splash looking like this:

 I made quite a good splash and received high scores while doing a good job representing the women folk, but I did not win.  I still felt like a winner though
: )

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  1. Shoot, I'll take a sub-22 in a heartbeat! Nice Work Carmen! It was a scorcher yesterday!