Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiie!

I have a rather unfortunate happening going on right now.  I'm sick.  Well, I use that term loosely.  Sick can mean so many things to so many people.  Actually, for me, I'm not really sick.  For me sick means I can't get out of bed & function.  This only happens on rare occasions and every 5 years or so.  Last time I remember this happening was 2009.  That time it was just a really nasty cold that had me under.  If you wanna talk puking type sick then that is even more rare & has not happened since 2006.

Hopefully none of you are feeling queasy right now and headed to the bathroom.  Bear with me now, it all has a point!

I woke up Saturday and my throat felt awful.  My 1st instinct was strep throat.  Oh how I loath strep.  I had serious bouts of it as an adult which resulted in me getting my tonsills out.  Ladies and's not just for kids!!!!  Anyway, I pushed past the ickiness and ran 7 miles and later in the day felt much better.  Sunday morning.....same crud again.  I had hoped for a long run on this morning, but slept in to get a solid 8 hours of sleep.  I know that if I am on the verge of being sick then sleep is one of my best preventatives.  I went easy & only ran 1 mile and wha-la felt better by the mid morning.  It was back with force on Sunday night and I then pinpointed the problem.  I was having massive sinus/allergy drainage coming down the back of my throat. 

It has gotten worse today.  On the plus side, all drainage is clear and I have yet to see any sign of fever (although I typically can be very sick and never run a fever.  I'm just cool like that...get!).  So I'm sort of stuck in the middle.  I don't feel super great, but I'm not in bed unable to function (although a serious nap is happening after I post this).  I went to the store to get some drugs and even ate chicken noodle soup for lunch despite this hot late July day.  I have to nip this in the butt!!!!  Remember....triathlon in 5 days & an ultra in 12!!!!  Ugh!

I'm not letting this affect my training (if you want to call it that).  I did let go of a long run this weekend.  Today, however I hopped on my bike to take it for a spin.  I was advised by a tri guru to not completely slack on my training this week.  Keep moving and still do 60% of what I normally do.  He obviously doesn't know me too well because he said "if you normally bike 100 miles a week, only do 60".  Ok, I don't think I've biked 100 miles this year!!!!  Whatever.  I headed out on my bike, mostly because I thought it would be nice to actually bike for more than a few miles around town since I got my fancy smancy $75 tires.  I also FINALLY figured out how to mount & work my computer odometer bike thing-a-ma-bob that flashes all sorts of numbers once I get riding.  I'm really looking official now!!!!

It was during this (what turned out to be) 11.5 mile ride that I had several thoughts of "oh my goodness....I'm gonna die!!!!"  Now, I was once a cycling/spin instructor.  I know what it's like to ride a bike continually for 45-60 minutes.  I think this is what I was basing my whole "I can do a triathlon" theory.  Not to mention I have done a tri or two before (never mind it's been 10 years).  I did it then, I can surely do it now.  Yeah, except I think it's a little like giving birth in that as soon as the pain, the intensity, the oh my goodness I can't do this for another moment is forget.  Until you actually ride or race again.  My ride today was just a taste of what I will do this Saturday.  I'm sure adrenaline will kick in and I will no doubt overcome the great burn, pain & intensity that ensues over the course of the race.  I'm pretty awesome like that!  You knew that right?!?!?!?

After taking a break from biking I also headed out the door in the nice toasty morning temps to run 4.75 miles.  I can't let my running slack too much, not until the middle/late of next week.  Still keeping my eye on that 40+ mile goal for Howl at the Moon.  Miles and more importantly running in the summer heat is what I need to keep going for now.  When I'm running or biking I tend to either not notice my massive allergy drainage or it ceases to drain.  Either way I feel so much better (minus the whole my legs are on fire and surely turning into noodles as I bike feeling).  At least for awhile.  Now....I feel like total crap, so I'm off to pop some drugs and take a nap!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

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