Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes

Good news!  I've ran a little over 100 miles in the last 30 days!  My funk seems to have left the building.  Although apparently that doesn't matter anyway, I was cranking out the miles.  With the funk gone though it's not such a chore or drag.  I'm ready to go, even when I'm tired or hot.  I'm enjoying the run and feeling great the whole day afterward.  Hopefully that funk will stay away until after Howl at the Moon, my 8 hour ultra that is in ONE MONTH!!!!

This is going to be reeaaaallllly short.  I have musical rehearsal in 16 minutes.  Yikes!  I sat down once to start blogging, but got side tracked.  Then I got busy and yay, my house is clean and supper was cooked fresh & ready on time.  I feel accomplished.  I like that feeling!  Anyway, I knew I had a short time frame to get on here, get this typed & posted and then head out the door for practice.  We are 9 days from opening night!!!!  Crunch time!

Here are my tunes from my run this morning:
(Sorry, no time to link them this time)

We Belong Together - Soundtrack from Toy Story 3
Whatever You're Doing - Sanctus Real
Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Madonna
Different Strokes - TV Theme Songs
TJ Hooker - TV Theme Songs
I Like It - Inrique Inglesies
Just As I Am/I Surrender All - Shelly Hamilton 
Mad About You - Belinda Carlisle
Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
Quit Playing Games With My Heart - Backstreet Boys
Monkees Theme Song - TV Tunes
Heart Break Hotel - All Shook Up musical
Waiting for a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl
How Will I Know - Whitney Houston

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