Thursday, July 26, 2012


Wow, I didn't mean for a week to pass with no blog post.  It just happened.  On more than one day I did sit down with the intention of getting something posted, but would be called away before even starting.  My stage/theatrical life really took over last weekend and then coming out of it I was in quite the tailspin.  Although my family is very understanding and supportive I had a lot to get back to with my "normal" life and responsibilities.  Anyway....onto today's post of Three Things Thursday.

1.  I have talked about an upcoming triathalon that I had planned to do.  So far that was all just a bunch of talk and a plan.  I wasn't actually signed up for said race up until this week.  Now, it's official!  I AM racing in my first (in 10 years) outdoor triathlon next weekend.  Mind you I have done an outdoor tri before (it's just been so long ago) and I do an indoor one almost every year (similar, but very different).  It's time to get back to the real deal.  I will say, I don't really know what I'm doing....other than swimming, biking & running.  Like most other things I have not trained specifically for this event.  I'm a wing it sort of competitor.  This has it's pros and cons.  For now I'm just wanting to get back to the event.  I plan/hope to in the future to do more than one a year.  For now I just want to get this race done and kind of get of gauge of how I compete, what needs work, etc.

2.  I have a new fitness teaching position at the local community college, most commonly referred to as CSC or Sandburg.  This will in no way effect my teaching, training & certifying at the YMCA where I have worked for 16 years.  My new job makes me adjunct faculty and I have to actually grade the students who are taking the class for credit.  I'm excited about this new teaching opportunity!

3.  If you are interested in getting a closer look at my performance in the Pirates of Penzance you have several options.  You can see several hundred pictures that were taken here.  Or you can see a slideshow I created with the same pictures, but with less pictures here.  I also talked a little more in detail about my experience on my family blog.  And, as noted on my family blog, you can see some video clips of a dress rehearsal on this Youtube account.

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