Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes & the Trust Fall

I suppose this house is not going to clean itself.  Nor will this post magically appear from my thoughts.  I'm stalling from doing both.  I really want to crawl into bed and take a nap.  I might still if I can do something to justify said action.  You often hear that you need a vacation from your vacation.  That would be true for me.  While on vacation I was up early every day to run and sit out on the dock.  It was worth it....so worth it!  But now....I'm SOOOOO tired!

My run this morning was short & easy (sounds like me-ha ha).  I ran long yesterday with my running partner Angela.  And since I plan to race tomorrow I knew I had to k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid).  Because of my tiredness I did not get up to run early.  I almost over slept & missed getting to my class on time (something I have never done, at least not to my tues-thurs yogalates class).  So I bumped my run until 7 p.m.  The heat and humidity was already making it uncomfortable.  That does not help my sluggishness at all.  I did a small 2.5 mile route that is near GHS.  Another neighborhood knocked off my I Run This Town project.

Here are my tunes that kept me company:
We Are - Kari Jobe
Yeah! (Batuka remix) - originally by Usher
Let Yourself Go - All Shookup Broadway Musical
God is so Good Theme & Variations - Shelly Hamilition
Call Me Al - Paul Simon
I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman
Everything I Do I Do It For You - Bryan Adams

Here is my vlog post  from last Tuesday.  It's short and fun (me again!).  After yesterday's post I had thought I should share a picture or two from each day.  On my family blog I will post a whole bunch of pictures (better go get that done after this).  Here are the trust fall pictures that I mention in my video.

My daughter perfected it.

 Different daughter (on the left) from a different view.  I have no idea how they do it!

I tried.  The first time I couldn't bring myself to go hands free.  I still had a hard time letting myself completely fall back.
The second time I tried to go hands free and freaked out at the last minute.  I just could not do it!

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