Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Madness

There really isn't any madness about my day.  My calendar page is blank.  Wide open.  There is just so much to do post vacation.  While we have done a lot to unpack and get back to home life, there is still so much to do.  The laundry pile is INSANE and continually living in this home just makes a mess upon a mess. 

Not to mention what I want to get done with my blog here.  I know you all were just beside yourself  while I was gone.  Wondering how you'd survive your week without me.  Haha.  Ok, so not true, but that is ok.  I thought of you all.  I made a vlog post each day and will post one each day.  Let me clarify that it is ok if you don't care about what I have to say want to watch my videos.  I understand that they are not for everyone.

Anyway, so much to do + a lot to blog about = plenty of madness for this fine Monday morning.  I will tell you about my vacation through out the week.  Probably best to spread it out, otherwise it will be one looooong post.  I will sum it up by saying that the week was completely AWESOME!

I want to do a monthly recap for June.  Mostly because it was a great running month for me.  After having run 10 miles in the month of May (those only came from Memorial day - end of month) I was able to come back and run 93 miles in the month of June.  It has been my best month so far this year.  Yay!  I am so excited!  My longest run was only 8 miles.  I was just able to get out there every day (on day 36 of streaking) and get solid, consistant miles in.  I also added in swimming & biking, but I don't count/keep track of those miles.  My yearly total for 2012 is 386 (ish because sometimes my ipod didn't work, etc) miles.  Not bad considering I've had close to 2 months of not running at all due to injury.

Hopefully this streak will continue.  I have my 8 hour Howl at the Moon Ultra in 38 days.  The heat has been kicking in and preparing me for that day.  I still do a lot of my runs in the early morning hours, but even that is not a guarantee break from the heat and gazillion percent humidity.  I purposely sprinkle in some afternoon runs to help prepare me for my race as well.

I will leave you with my vlog post from last Monday.  It's a little windy.  Actually it is very windy, but had turned the camera to block a chunk of the wind.  You can still hear me, although a tad tough at times.  What is so neat (to me) about this video is that I made it right before heading to evening chapel.  I talk about my friend Joy in this video.  When I went into chapel the speaker mentioned Joy and it was (unbeknownst to me) on that exact day 1 year ago that Joy had her first headache.  Not just any headache, mind you.  For those that don't know her headaches were actually brain cancer that would take her life 6 month later.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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