Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Here are some pictures from last weekend.

Oneida 5k on Saturday, 1st in my age group.

 West Liberty 5k on Sunday, 1st in my age group.

Tony Carl & I after running from Muscatine to West Liberty (17 miles) then racing the 5k.

2. I mentioned in my big honkin' recap that I took my bike to a shop to get tires.  I had showed you said bike in a vlog post last month.  I knew I needed new tires anyway.  I bought this bike 15 years ago, used it for a handful of triathlons and then it sat untouched for 10 years in my garage.  Tires were still intact, but even to my untrained eye I knew they were not up to par.  I still started riding anyway to get some training in, but eventually I found a hole in the front tire.  I am in no way, shape or form messing with that scenario of having a blow out because I rode with defective tires.  Problem is there is no bike shop here in town.  So my bike sat for 2 weeks while I tried to figure out what to do.  Here is the extend of my biking knowledge:  you get pedal and GO!  Seriously, that is it.  To many other unknowing people they may wonder what the big deal is.  Go to Wal Mart or something and just get some tires.  Ah, not that all.  Even though I have the most simplistest and outdated bike, it's still a road racing bike and it requires special care & attention.  Anyway I was so glad I went to Muscatine because I knew they have a wonderful bike shop there and they really know their stuff.  I wasn't sure what to expect in price, but time is running out (tri is in 2 weeks) and I HAVE to get tires on there.  $75 later I walked out with new tires on my bike.  And that was going the cheapest way possible.  That sounds like a lot of $$ for tires, but really in the realm of road/racing bikes it's not.   

3.  I've made it clear in previous posts that I LOVE FOOD!!  In the last 24 hours I've had a few "treats".  First off, I made my 3 Cheese Twist.  It's a bread I've been making for 15 years or so.  Go ahead....drool:
 Then, this morning I was treated at the Y with these yummy spice cupcakes.  It was sort of a belated birthday treat.  Although it is the only cake I've had this week.  I hadn't had a piece at all in honor of my birthday so I had no problem enjoying one at 7 a.m. this morning.

I know some people (mostly on facebook) want my 3 cheese twist recipe.  So before anyone asks for it, I WILL get it done and posted.  This is a recipe that I've made it so many times for such a long time that I don't look up what I'm suppose to do.  It's all up in my head.  I just know what to do.  I'll be sure to let you know when I get it written out.  If you live close to me I may just make you a loaf and surprise you.  I love doing that for people!

Have a great day everyone!  We're almost to the weekend!  Yay!!!!

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